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Welcome to the home of history's first black comic strip, R.F. Outcault's "Pore Lil' Mose". Mose was the lead comic strip in the Sunday color supplement of The New York Herald newspaper from December 1900 until August 1902, during the Platinum Age of Comics (1897 - 1937). Outcault is universally considered the father of the modern comic strip, with his creation of The Yellow Kid in 1895. He is probably best known today for his Buster Brown comic, which was based on his own young son and family dog, Tige.

Please come in and visit for a while with Mose, Billy Bear, the monkey, the Mouse Houn' and the cat as the leave their home in Cottonville, GA and go to live in New York City at the turn of the 20th century.

Stick around after that and learn more about Outcault, Mose and the Mastodon Studio project to digitally remaster all of the 70+ Pore Lil Mose strips and make them available to you as limited edition giclee prints.

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